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Food Handler Test

  1. If the business you work for has multiple locations (e.g. McDonald's), please specify the location where you work.
  2. Please answer the following questions. Make sure to choose one answer for every question.
  3. Multiple Choice
  4. 1. When should you wash your hands? *
  5. 2. Which of the following is NOT one of the Big Five Pathogens?*
  6. 3. Foods held in a refrigerator should be kept at or below what temperature?*
  7. 4. Which of the following is an example of a facility that makes food for a highly susceptible population?*
  8. 5. Foods that have been properly heated and cooled in your facility must be reheated to ____°F before being held hot.*
  9. 6. Employees with vomiting or diarrhea must be excluded from the food establishment until they are symptom free for at least ____ hours.*
  10. 7. In what order should you set up the compartments in a 3-compartment sink for dishwashing?*
  11. 8. When washing your hands, how much time should you spend scrubbing with soap?*
  12. 9. The “Danger Zone” is the temperature range between 41°F and ___°F.*
  13. 10. When being fully cooked, fish and pork should be cooked to ___________. *
  14. 11. Which of the following foods would need to be date marked? *
  15. 12. How often should food contact surfaces, such as cutting boards, be washed, rinsed, and sanitized?*
  16. 13. Foods should be cooled from 135°F to 70°F within ___ hours and from 135°F to 41°F within a total of 6 hours.*
  17. 14. Foods should NOT be thawed:*
  18. 15. Foods that require date marking can be dated for no more than the day of prep/opening + ___ days.*
  19. 16. Which of the following is NOT one of the major food allergens?*
  20. 17. Food handlers should NOT:*
  21. 18. Foods should be cooled using which of the following:*
  22. 19. When being fully cooked, poultry should be cooked to __________.*
  23. 20. Which of the following is NOT an approved food source?*
  24. True or False
  25. 21. The person in charge (PIC) must report to the local health department if an employee is diagnosed with any of the Big Five Pathogens. *
  26. 22. Keeping foods covered will help them cool properly. *
  27. 23. Mechanically tenderized and ground meats must reach a temperature of 155°F for 15 seconds in order to be fully cooked.*
  28. 24. Reheating of foods for hot holding should take no more than 2 hours. *
  29. 25. Raw animal products should be stored above ready-to-eat foods. *
  30. Once you have finished the test, press the "Submit" button below. Our office will contact you for payment within 14 days of receiving your test.
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