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Appraisal Questionnaire

  1. Name of person filling out this form
  2. Your township has contracted with the Lenawee County Equalization Department to appraise all residential and agricultural property in the unit. Your filling out this card and returning it to us would greatly assist us and prevent the necessity of estimating and recording inaccurate information. Please answer the following questions and click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page.
  3. 2: Has your home been modernized within the last 10 years
  4. 3: Which best describes the foundation area?
  5. 4: Is your basement finished?
  6. 7: Is the interior of your garage finished?
  7. 8: What type of heating fuel does the home have (choose all that apply)?
  8. 9: What type of heating circulation does the home have (choose all that apply)?
  9. 10: Does the home have any of the following?
  10. What kind of fireplaces are they?
  11. 12: What built in appliances does the home have that would normally be sold with the real estate?
  12. 13: What is the number of living units?
  13. 18: What types of flooring do you have?
  14. 19: What is the ceiling type?
  15. 20: What is the wall type?
  16. 21: Is there a usable attic?
  17. Is the attic finished?
  18. 22: Is the home insulated?
  19. 23: Have you taken out a recent building permit?
  20. 24: Are your windows
  21. 25: Do you have the following?
  22. 26: Is your electrical system
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