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Taylor Road

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Taylor Road Park Map (PDF)


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80 Undeveloped Acres

Engineered flood pond for natural habitat. Designed in cooperation with the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and various wildlife organizations.

History: Taylor Road Park was originally owned by the Tecumseh Conservation League and donated to the City of Tecumseh in 1966. It was acquired by the County of Lenawee in 1984 from the City of Tecumseh through a collaborative property exchange. 

Description: Primitive park with a trail system throughout for hiking, biking and cross country skiing, an engineered flood pond for natural habitat designed in cooperation with the DNR and wildlife organizations, tree and plant identification markers, and native plantings in the open oak area.  

Size:  80 Acres - Serving the entire county, all ages

Location:  The northeast section of the county 

Facilities: No additional facilities

Water Sources & Trails: There is a small pond with primitive access from the trail and there are approximately 1¼ miles of maintained trails through woods

Capital Improvement Plans: Add viewing areas for wildlife on and off ponds; add educational interactive activities; signage upgrades; create additional trails; improve accessibility and educational opportunities

Accessibility Ranking 2:Some of the park areas meet accessibility guidelines

Park Info/MAP (pdf)

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