Why are you persecuting your citizens for their religious beliefs?

Lenawee County is not persecuting any citizens because of their religious beliefs. Lenawee County requires that all property owners, regardless of religion, obtain the proper permits and meet inspection requirements for wells and septic systems. Similar requirements are in place throughout communities all across the State of Michigan.

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1. Are you really trying to demolish these property owner’s homes?
2. Why are you persecuting your citizens for their religious beliefs?
3. Why are you requiring them to violate their beliefs by installing modern plumbing and electricity in their homes?
4. What are the “safe options” for outhouses?
5. Is the main issue the lack of a cement vault underneath the outhouse?
6. What are the specific threats to human health and harm from systems currently in use?
7. What is the difference between what these property owner’s are doing and the bio-solids that are sprayed on Lenawee County farms? They both contain human waste that then enters our water cycle.
8. This is their personal property and they have the right to do on it what they want. They aren’t harming anyone. Why should any government entity tell you what to do on your personal property?
9. There are Amish communities all over this state and country not being forced to give up their ways and modernize against their religious tenants. Why in Lenawee County?
10. My neighbor/friend/someone I know has a camper set up in a yard. How is that different than these property owners?