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Jul 11

Lenawee County is Investing in Children Through Foster Care

Posted on July 11, 2017 at 12:31 PM by Jennifer Ambrose

With more than 13,000 Michigan children in foster care, the need for families to step forward and help these kids by taking them into their homes is greater than ever. By providing love, care, and support, foster families are able to give children the tools they need to feel safe and secure.

In Lenawee County, the services and programs provided to foster youth are designed to help children and families through every phase of foster care. From providing daycare and counseling services for younger children, to a variety of services for older youth who are transitioning out of the program, foster care in Lenawee County helps hundreds of children each year. 

Today’s Children Lead Tomorrow’s World

“I was in foster care for about 10 years,” says Kitten Miller, a 21-year-old art student at Siena Heights. “I’ve just finished volunteer foster care. Volunteer foster care is after you age-out of the system at 18, but you can still stay in until you’re 21. Then you receive checks from them to help you become more financially stable.”

Older youths like Miller can stay within the foster care program after age 18 through voluntary foster care. The purpose of this program is to help foster youths to make sure they are mature enough and ready for big life events like high school graduation, first jobs, college classes and financial responsibilities. By helping these kids, the foster program raises their chances of success after they leave the program at age 21.

Other support services like the Michigan Youth Opportunity Initiative, or MYOI, help young people leaving the foster care system to become successful with big life changes such as housing, education, employment, community engagement, and health. 

“They have made a great impact on my life,” Miller says. “They have helped me with many problems in my life that I’ve dealt with. They support me with anything I need. They’ve helped me get jobs before; they’re helping me right now to try to get a job. Without them, I would be in so much trouble; possibly on the street.”

“It definitely helps,” says Miller. “[Foster Care] helps many, many people.”

With the services provided to foster youth in Lenawee County, this next generation will be ready to lead successful, prosperous lives within our county. 

For more information about the foster care program in Lenawee County, visit them at For more information about how Lenawee County is investing in You through programs like foster care, stay tuned to our blog or call 888-448-1387.



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