Volunteer Opportunities

VolunteerThere are many reasons to volunteer.  You may want to help others, make a difference in our community, or stay active.   

If you are looking for volunteer opportunities approved for COMMUNITY SERVICE - go to http://www.lenawee.mi.us/508/Community-Service-WorkAgencies 

Below are options to Volunteer in your Community: 

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Are you willing to volunteer during local emergencies or disasters? Please register using the form on the Emergency Management page to join the list of local volunteers and you may be contacted to help when a need arises.

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The LDA can always use volunteer drivers, meal deliverers, and helping hands.  There is an array of opportunities around the county to help our senior community.  

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Clubs, groups, organizations, individuals often donate time/resources to the beautification of our county parks. 
Contact the Lenawee County Buildings and Grounds if you have an interest. 

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The Solid Waste program needs volunteers to help with community collection events and community outreach regarding the benefits of recycling.  

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Volunteer with 4-H and help grow true leaders in our community by empowering young people with skills to lead for a lifetime. Join us as we grow kids in our community!
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Volunteers are needed to drive the DAV shuttle van.  Veterans who are unable to transport themselves to the V.A. Medical Center in Ann Arbor rely on this free service Monday through Friday.  Volunteer drivers do not have to be a veteran and do not need a chauffeur’s license, but must pass a light physical provided by the V.A. Medical Center and have a good driving record.  

Other Volunteer resources:

Volunteer Lenawee! Volunteer opportunities, resources, and partners from the Lenawee Community Foundation 

United Way of Monroe/Lenawee Counties

Volunteering makes you feel more connected to others and less absorbed in the normal stresses of daily life.