County Parks Plan

2020-2024 Parks Plan   

Adopted December, 2019

The purpose of this Parks and Recreation Plan is to inventory existing recreational opportunities and facilities available to residents of Lenawee County, identify problems and future needs, and establish a plan which addresses identified problems and assures adequate recreational services and facilities in a programmed systematic manner for both the present and expected future population. The plan is intended to be a policy guide for Lenawee County officials in developing efficient recreational services and facilities.

This recreation plan evaluates the comprehensive recreational needs of the residents of Lenawee County for playgrounds, neighborhood and community parks, regional parks, and recreational opportunities; and prescribes a plan that accommodates and fulfills these needs.

The Board of Commissioners approved the 2020-2024 Lenawee County Parks and Recreation Plan on December 11, 2019.   

Lenawee County Parks & Recreation Plan 2020-2024 (pdf)

Plan Sections

Cover: Plan Approval & Adoption,Table of Contents
Section 1 Introduction
Section 2 Recreation Inventory
Section 3 Public Input
Section 4 Goals & Objectives
Section 5 Action Program
Section 6 Appendix

A. Connecting Lenawee Plan
B. Kiwanis Trail Adrian 2018 Plan
C. South Branch River Raisin Environmental Plan
D. Notice of Availability of the Draft Plan for Public Review & Comment
E. Notice of Public Meeting
F. Minutes from Board Meeting
G. Post-Completion Self-Certification Reports

Parks and recreation provide many benefits to the community and its citizens, including economic, health, environmental, social, and overall quality of life.