Lenawee County Landbank Authority

The Lenawee County Landbank Authority is a public authority created to efficiently hold, manage, and develop tax-foreclosed property in Lenawee County.  

When a Lenawee County property owner does not pay their property taxes the Lenawee County Treasurer becomes the owner hrough tax foreclosure. The property is then transferred to the Lenawee County Landbank which has a greater range of options to renovate, market and transfer the property with the end goal of returning it to productive use.  

The Landbank is a powerful locational incentive, which encourages redevelopment in communities and neighborhoods that have been blighted by an out-migration of residents and businesses.

While a landbank provides short-term fiscal benefits, it can also act as a tool for planning long-term community development. Successful landbank programs revitalize blighted neighborhoods and direct reinvestment back into these neighborhoods to support their long-term community vision.

The Lenawee County Landbank Authority is administered by Lenawee Now, our county economic development organization. For more information on properties available to purchase from the Landbank, please visit www.lenaweenow.org/landbank.