Small Claims

The civil department handles all Small Claims cases up to $6,000, General Civil cases up to $25,000, and all Landlord Tenant cases. For further information on cases scheduled for the week please see the district court Schedule Inquiry tab to the left. Or please call (517)264-4661
SMALL CLAIMS                                        FILING FEE

CLAIM UP TO $600                                        $30.00
CLAIM OVER $600 TO $1750                        $50.00
CLAIM OVER $1750 TO $6000                      $70.00
small claims picture
ADDITIONAL FEES                                                            
PROCESS SERVER FEE (process server will bill)             $26.00 plus mileage
CERTIFIED MAIL FEE                                                        $14.00 per defendant

For information on how to file a small claims or for an Affidavit and Claim form see

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