Circuit Court

The 39th Circuit Court is the superior court for Lenawee County.

The 39th Circuit Court is the superior court for Lenawee County.  It has original jurisdiction over all felony criminal cases.  It hears all civil cases involving claims over $25,000.  It has exclusive jurisdiction locally relative to divorces, injunctions, writs of superintending control, writs of habeas corpus, etc.

  1. Judge Michael R. Olsaver

    Circuit Court I

  2. Circuit Court I Secretary
    Phone: 517-264-4572

  3. Circuit Court I Certified Court Recorder
    Phone: 517-264-4746

  1. Judge Anna Marie Anzalone

    Circuit Court II

  2. Judicial Secretary
    Phone: 517-264-4577

  3. Circuit Court II Certified Court Reporter
    Phone: 517-264-4578

  4. Circuit Court II Research Attorney
    Phone: 517-264-4733