Lenawee County Recycling

Open to all Lenawee County residents - Local businesses should contact their waste hauler to inquire about recycling services.  


    Recycling DOS is Open Today

    The Recycling Drop Off Site is OPEN Read on...
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Recycling Compactors

Compactors should NOT be opened if the compactors are operating; break down all boxes and do NOT fill the chute to the door opening.  Add a few at a time so the compactor can compress the items; let compactor complete its process and repeat.

DO NOT open the door of the compactor while it is running, as this will jam the unit and put it out of service. DO NOT press any buttons on the control panel, as this prevents the compactor from operating and creates jamming issues for the next person.  Please DO NOT cram more materials into the compactor if it is jammed. Instead call 517-264-4511 to advise us on a jammed unit or other issue.

Be considerate of the next person who wishes to use the facility
and keep the equipment operating.

three recycle containers

  1. Plastics/Tin/Foil
  2. Glass
  3. Cardboard
  4. Recyclables

In order to keep our containers operating smoothly, please review the following preparations.

Please remove recyclables from the container you transported them in before placing the materials in the recycling bins.

  • NO vinyl siding, garden hoses, kids’ toys, etc.
  • NO aerosol cans, paint solvent containers 
  • NO plastic grocery bags or trash bags

Prepare Plastics, Tin Cans, Aluminum Foils & for Recycling

  • Plastics #1 - 7 should be rinsed, dried, and crushed. Remove lids and rings on bottles.
  • Tin cans, aluminum foil, pie tins, or food trays should be clean and dry.

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SW Cardboard

Cardboard may be taken to the 
Good Will Industries - 1357 Division Street  
Neighbors of Hope - 423 W. Maumee Street 
(Check their websites for hours of operation)

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COVID-19 Update to County Services:

Operations run smoother if we all remember to

PLEASE be PATIENT and RESPECTFUL  We understand a lot of residents rely on the County recycling site. 

RECYCLE ONLY ACCEPTABLE ITEMS - Acceptable items are listed on each compactor (or find more information below)

DO NOT ADD TO THE JAM - if a compactor is full don’t continue to pack it   

DON’T JUST LEAVE YOUR STUFF - you may have to come back later if the compactors are full

COVID-19 - We recommend that you wear a face mask and protective gloves, and maintain social distancing while at the DOS 

Questions should be directed to the Lenawee County Solid Waste Dept. 517-264-4511