Rehabilitative Services

Family & Individual Services
Counseling is provided for all the residents on an individual basis as well as with their families throughout their stay. Discussing past problems and resolving issues, sharing personal feelings, and setting goals to move forward are some of the issues that are dealt with in therapy.

Group Services
Each resident is placed in a group upon entering the Open Unit program. The group system teaches residents cooperation, problem solving, life skills, leadership, responsibility, self-discipline, empathy and listening skills. Group therapy sessions are held daily. In these sessions, residents are encouraged to identify and discuss the problems that resulted in residential care. Informal group sessions are held on an as needed basis. In these sessions, staff and residents discuss behavior problems, talk about feelings and problem solve. Specialized groups are offered when there is a need to focus on a particular subject, like sexual abuse.

Substance Abuse Services
All of the youth participate in Intensive Residential Therapy (IRT), a 12-week program that addresses numerous elements pertaining to substance abuse. Some of the topics include: thinking errors, anger, grief, boundaries, self-esteem, and co-dependent behavior. Weekly Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings are held on campus for the residents to attend.