Vaccines, by appointment, are provided for children, teens and adults for protection from many types of diseases.

  • Who Can Get Help: Adults (PDF), teens (PDF), and children (PDF)
  • Services: Vaccinations to prevent many types of diseases
  • Clinic Hours: Wednesdays by appointment 
  • Cost:  Call 517-264-5226 for the current fees
  • More Information or Make an Appointment: Call 517-264-5226 (option 2)

Vaccines for Children

Vaccines are free for children who qualify for the Vaccines for Children Program; children must be 19 years or younger and:

  1. Be on Medicaid, or
  2. Have medical insurance that does NOT cover any part of their immunizations, or
  3. Have no medical insurance, or
  4. Have medical insurance but have gone over their annual cap for preventive care, or
  5. Be an American Indian or Alaskan native

An administration fee is charged for each vaccine; if unable to pay fee please speak to a Public Health Nurse. 

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