Maurice Spear Campus

The Maurice Spear Campus (MSC) is a 66-bed, County-operated detention and treatment facility located on 35 acres of land in Lenawee County. The complex has five buildings: secure detention, residential treatment center (Open Unit), school, gymnasium, and chapel.

MSC is dedicated to helping troubled youth and their families by providing a safe and secure environment for residents and staff.


Alexis is a friendly and energetic sixteen year old. She has worked hard to overcome many obstacles in her life to get her where she is today.  While at MSC, Alexis worked diligently to complete her credits to graduate from high school.  She completed this task at the age of fifteen through online classes and regular classes.  She received her diploma from Hudson Alternative School.  Throughout her school year Alexis remained focus and determined to graduate.  She took the SAT and received a great score, especially for a fifteen year old.  She earned mostly A and B grades.  Alexis applied to both Siena Heights University and Jackson College and was accepted by both schools.  While she was making her decision on what college to attend she toured both.  Alexis decided to attend Siena Heights University in the fall.  She has paid her deposit, applied for FAFSA, Financial Aid and scholarships, and has enrolled in challenging classes.  Alexis’s goal is to become a dermatologist.  

Alexis graduation

We congratulate and wish you the best!