Food Service

The Environmental Health Division licenses and regulates food service establishments (i.e., restaurants) to ensure food safety. The mission of the Lenawee County Health Department, as it relates to food safety, is to promote and assess food-safe measures and sanitary conditions at all licensed food service establishments. Environmental Health staff accomplishes this by assuring code compliance and following the practices and principles established in the Food Code to protect the health of our communities.

Food Handler Classes

We now offer an online version of our food handler class and test. Click here for details! 

Food Service Licensing

The procedure for food service licensing varies depending upon what type of food service an individual wants to establish. The two primary types are: 


  • Fixed Food Service Establishments – examples include restaurants, mobile units, and concession stands.
  • Temporary Food Service Establishments 

Fixed Food Service Establishments

Proposed fixed food service establishments: 



Temporary Food Service Establishments

In order to serve food to the public, it may be necessary to obtain a Temporary Food License. This may include food that is served free to the public. Please feel free to contact us at 517-264-5214 to discuss whether a license is necessary. 

Temporary food service guidance and licensing documents: