Administrator's Office




The County Administrator's Office was established in 1980 in a reorganization of the administrative structure to achieve efficiencies through coordination of County programs and through centralized direction of County internal functions.

The Office has three primary functions: provision of staff assistance to the County Commission and it's various Committees, communicating between the Commission and it's various program areas, and direction of County internal central services.

The office began with two employees and is constantly changing to meet the needs of the Board of Commissioners, County Departments, and County residents.  


STATE of the COUNTY 2015 (Click Here):  Details some of the financial and economic considerations that effect the decisions of the Board of Commissioners. 


County Budget (Click Here):  The County Budget is the financial plan for the Board of Commissioners and the taxpayers that identifies the operating costs considered essential to the successful operation of the county for a given period. 

County AUDITS (Click Here):  County financial management is conducted in compliance with the State Uniform Budgeting and Accounting Act and an annual audit is conducted.  

Cost ALLOCATIONS (Click Here): The cost allocation plan identifies, aggregates, and assigns cost for indirect services.  


Employee Information (Click Here):   Benefit information, harassment reporting, non-union personnel handbook, labor agreements, and County policies, procedures, and guidelines

NEWSLETTERS (Click Here):   The Administrator prepares a monthly newsletter to keep county residents, governments, agencies, and employees informed on county activities that may affect them. 





County transparency reports are required to receive full state revenue sharing payments.  

2015 Citizens Guide to Local Unit Finances

2015 Performance Dashboard

2015 Debt Service Report

CIP Certification 



 Martin D. Marshall, Administrator

(517) 264-4508