COVID-19 - Case Information

This site is updated daily by the Lenawee County Health Department. While this data is the most current available, the information is provisional and the charts are subject to change. Data on cases and deaths are be reported Monday – Friday. Mondays’ reports will include data from Saturday and Sunday. Any holiday that falls on a weekday will be reported on the next business day.

Cases Last Updated 01/17/2022 1:30 PM

The cases reported for Lenawee are only residents of Lenawee County. The patients that may be brought in from other areas are counted by their home county according to the State’s reporting guidelines.  This also does not include MDOC cases, which are recorded separately.

Lenawee County Active Cases

Lab-ConfirmedProbableTotalPercentage of Active Cases
New Cases 54018972947%

Monitoring At Home1066479154599%

Lenawee County Cumulative Cases

Percentage of Cumulative Cases

Discontinued from isolation1595130761902791%

County Risk Level

As of 01/13/2022

County Epidemic Spread

As of 01/13/2022
7-Day Avg. Positive Test Rate
Weekly Cases Per 100,000 Population

Glossary of Terms

Lab-confirmed - Cases include individuals with a positive diagnostic test for COVID-19

Probable - Include individuals with COVID-19 symptoms and an epidemiological link to confirmed COVID-19, but no diagnostic test.

Active Cases - Current cases being monitored by the Lenawee County Health Department, includes both lab-confirmed and probable cases.

Cumulative Cases - All COVID-19 cases for Lenawee County.  

County Risk Level - Found here. Range: (Best) Low  A  B  C  D  E  (Worst)

County Epidemic Spread - Found here. Used to present risk indicators in Lenawee County.

Positive Test Rate - The number of positive tests divided by the total number of tests.

Daily Cases/Million - The number of daily cases per million is the number of new cases with onset on that day divided by the number of people in that county. It is adjusted to a 'per million' people scale so that counties and regions can be easily compared across the state of Michigan.