"Colors" Drug Screen Information

2A District Court Drug Screens

Drug Screens will take place at:        Lenawee Alcohol & Drug Testing Center
                                                           Lenawee Medical Professional Building
                                                           142 E.Maumee Street - Suite 7
                                                           Adrian, MI 49221

The following procedures are to be followed: 

  1. All urine testing will be conducted on a random basis, based on a color assigned to you by your probation officer. You will be given a urine testing ID card that you will sign and show at the testing site, along with a picture ID at the time of each drug screen. The back of the card will provide the time you will be dropping (AM or PM). This must be followed. Otherwise, the monitors will not let you drop. Testing is NOT limited to once per month, but is based on when your color is called. Some individuals are ordered to submit to drug screens three times per week, and this will not change.
  2. You are to call 517-759-3334 ON A DAILY BASIS.
    1. If you are unemployed or working 2nd or 3rd shift, you must call between 8-10 AM and if you color is called, drop between 9-11 AM
    2. If you are working 1st shift, you must call between 3:30-5:30 PM and if your color is called, drop between 4:30-6:30 PM. Report no later than 30 minutes prior to the end of the designated time.
  3. Inability to urinate will not be accepted as an excuse for not dropping. You will sit in a designated area until you can urinate and leave a sample. If you cannot urinate in the time allotted, this will be considered a refusal.
  4. A missed drug screen will be considered an admission of drug use. Failure to drop will result in your probation officer being notified immediately.
  5. You are responsible for providing your probation officer with written verification from your physician for any prescribed medication(s) you are taking.
  6. The cost for urine testing is $20.00 each time you drop (paid in cash with exact change). You must present your photo ID, your drug screen card, and $20 cash payment in order to drop.