Household Hazardous Waste Disposal

Free Mercury Disposal Program
For information on this program, you may contact the Environmental Quality Company via email or phone at 734-547-2517.

Glucose Monitor Disposal
From Andy Shannon, DEQ Medical Waste Expert:
"It depends upon the source of the monitors; whether they were generated in a residence (non-regulated) or whether they were generated in a facility with staff providing glucose testing services to patients as a business (regulated).  Residents are encouraged to refer to the 'Sharps Disposal for Michigan Resident' Resource for a listing of HHW programs and other volunteer programs in their area that accept and properly dispose of sharps.  Other options can be found in the pamphlet 'The Point is . . . Needles Hurt!'"

It is not recommended that these monitors be tampered with in order to remove the lancet and recycle the plastic portion, unless the unit can expel the lancet for disposal in a sharps container.  The plastic should be soaked in a 10:1 water/bleach (sodium hypochlorite) solution to remove any possible pathogens prior to recycling, if that is the case.

For commercial businesses, by virtue of the fact that they contain a sharp lancet that can pierce the skin, even if enclosed in a plastic housing and unused, would be considered a regulated sharp, if generated from a business and would have to be treated in accordance with the Medical Waste Regulatory Act, Part 138 of the Public Health Code."

Microwave Oven Disposal
To dispose of non-working microwave ovens, please contact:
Appliance Jack's
North Main Street
Adrian, MI 49221
Phone: 517-263-7439

Prescription Drug Disposal
Red Collection Boxes are available for prescription drug disposal during regular business hours at the following locations:
  • Adrian Police Department
    155 East Maumee Street
    Adrian, MI
  • Hudson Police Department
    205 Railroad Street
    Hudson, MI
  • Lenawee County Sheriff's Department
    405 North Winter Street
    Adrian, MI
  • Raisin Township Safety Department
    5225 Occidental Highway
  • Tecumseh Police Department
    309 East Chicago Boulevard
    Tecumseh, MI

Prescription drug pills and capsules only; no liquid medications or bio-hazard materials.