Michigan State University Extension Office

MSU Extension is an educational outreach arm of Michigan State University, providing information and offering ongoing educational programs in three areas:

  • Agriculture and Natural Resources
  • Children, Youth, and Families
  • Community and Economic Development

These programs have similar goals. They seek to help people better understand their environments, make the best possible use of their resources, and enhance the quality of life for themselves, their families, and their communities through education and wise decision making.

We are part of a national network of Extension services in every state in the United States. It is jointly funded by federal, state, and county governments. "Extension" means extending the educational resources of MSU beyond East Lansing campus. We are in the business of helping people help themselves.

Michigan State University Extension programs and materials are open to all without regard to race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation, marital status, or family status.

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We are investing in our children, developing leaders of the future through the MSU Extension and its 4-H program. Mentorship, hands-on projects, and meaningful leadership opportunities empower and inspire our young people to develop lifelong skills.

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Congratulations to all of the following 2018 winners in the Lenawee County Fair 4-H Division!

  1. Cloverbuds
  2. Arts
  3. Floral & Indoor Gardening
  4. Miscellaneous Project
  5. Ceramics
  6. Foods & Nutrition
  7. Power
  8. Crafts
  9. Horticulture
  10. Sewing & Needlework
  11. Shooting Sports
  12. Woodworking & Wood Burning
  13. Natural Resource-Youth Science
  14. Photography
  15. Dogs
  16. Beef Breeding & Marktet
  17. Sheep Breeding & Market
  18. Horse & Pony
  19. Goats
  20. Jr. Livestock Club
  21. Poultry
  22. Dairy
  23. Swine
  24. Rabbit
  25. Livestock Records
  26. Performing Arts

Cloverbud Participants that brought exhibits in the static project area.  Cloverbuds is a program to introduce 5 – 8 year olds on the variety of project areas 4-H has to offer.  The youth are interviewed by a judge but it is a noncompetitive judging experience.

Cloverbuds (5-8 year olds)

Britton Macon:  Dempsey Barrett, Virginia Barrett, Ian Good, Nathan Good, Johnathon VanZandt, Abbot Alcock, Bryce Alcock, Mason Barrett, Lauryn McDonagh, Elizabeth Kaye
Fairfield 4H:  Abigail Bauer, David Bauer, Adyson Peebles
Hearts and Hooves:  Mia Brighton
Heavy Hearts:  Dakota Burkett, Brady Saylor, Brandon Burkett
Onsted Sweet Clovers: Renee Hosler, Gabriel Sanford, Rachel Brayton
Palmyra Future Leaders: Amelia Baker, Tristan Baker, Jill Emery, Pason Fox, Caden Glinski, Caleb Glinski, Domink Glinski, Cody Hicks, Vera Hinde, Alivia Marks, Ava Marks, Eli Marks, Drew Porter, Ethan Publiski, Brody Schmidt, Josilyn Schmidt, Jillian Yape, Andrew Osgood, Veronica Hinde, Evan Marks, Ella McVay, Vanessa McVay, Hailey Miner, Merideth Miner, Garret Publiski, Juliann Schmidt, Olivia Taylor, Carson Wellnitz
Deerfield Lucky Clovers: Natalie Barrett, Kendall Barrett II, Alivia Hefner, Kinsley Ruttofsky, Abigail Monhollen, Cheyenne Barrett
Quaker Willing Workers:  Savannah Drugalis, Wesley Garrison, Kendalyn Perry, Makiya Plum, Cali Wismer, Henley Milliman, Oliver Cuthbertson, Evan Rising, Logan Carson,
Medina Pioneers:  Colbie Ekins, Jordan Ekins, Hannah Kaseman, Joshua Kaseman, Blake Root, Brantly Sneyd, Jackson Sutherland, Lucy Sutherland,
Raisin Slickers:  Dorthea Mitchell, Katie Mitchell, Penelope Andre
Rome Blue Ribbons:   Grady Barth, Xander Lewis, Blakesley Fields,
Dream Riders:  Hayden Novak, Chase Stetler, Sophia Young, Jase Smith
South Riga Go Getters:  Rylee Ciacelli, Abigail Goetz, Troy Iott, Madalyn Kay, Sophia Loar, Ashlynn Reed, Abigail Wilkes, Griffin Gust, Benjamin Kay, Mason Thompson, Levi Marks, Peyton Marks, Kollin Stutzman,
State Line Hustlers:  Eleanor Ott, Noah Zuvers, Tessa Zuvers, McKenzie Barnes, Easton Thompson
Tipton Jets: Jacob Caplon, Violet Caplon, Ella Flumigan, Garret Smith, Gretchen Spence, Kaethe Spence
Country Clovers:  Savannah Bailey, Ann Marie Scharer, Calvin Scharer,
Mighty Madison:  Paige Neill
Lenawee Wranglers:  Isabella Davis, Levi Gust, Naomi Gust, Sarah Gust, Logan Hilyard
Farm Friends:  Brody Ball, Taylor McLaughlin  
Lenawee Shooting Stars:  Nathan Bennett, Tyler Bennett, Jericho Borck, Faith Comar, Sophia Comar, Logan Fenicle, Megan Huston, Peyton Luck, Zachary Robinson, Makayla Six, Emerson Welsh, Maddox Wheeler, Lochlin Fenicle, Dashel Hayton, Avery Wallace
Gold Starz:  Owen McKee, Lila Singleton  
Kountry Kids Inc:  MayCee Gerig, Hunter Baxter
Stable Stars:  Ella Hardy
Shooters Inc:  Brayden Havelka, Benjamin Kitner, Brookelynne Webb
New Beginnings:  Lillian Wiesler