Reproductive Health Services

The Reproductive Health Services Clinic provides teens, men and women of childbearing age with health information, basic preventative services, treatment of associated infections as well as a broad range of contraceptive methods.  Call:  517-264-5226
  • Who Can Get Help: Anyone in need of birth control (Clients may be eligible for Plan First for their birth control)
  • Services: Physical exam, education and counseling on birth control methods and sexually transmitted infection, all services are confidential.  Pap smears, pregnancy testing and testing/treatment for sexually transmitted infections are available as needed.
  • Clinic Hours: Tuesday by appointment only
  • Reproductive Health Services (birth control) Supply Clinic: Clients can get birth control supplies on Tuesday and Friday by appointment only
  • Cost: All Reproductive Health Services are on a sliding fee scale based on income and family size (No one will be denied services because he/she cannot pay)
  • For More Information: 517-264-5226 (press 2, then 3)