1. Election Services

    Visit the Lenawee County Election website for more information on voting and elections.

  2. Emergency Services

    Learn about the emergency services available in Lenawee County.

  3. Financial Services

    Utilize the financial services available in the county.

  4. Freedom of Information Act Requests

    Find out how to request documents and information from Lenawee County per the Freedom of Information Act.

  5. Legal Services

    Get information about the legal services in the county.

  6. Lenawee County Health Department

    The mission of the Health Department is to enable the citizens of Lenawee County to enjoy the best possible state of health, free from avoidable disease, disability, and the threat of premature death.

  7. Lenawee Transportation

    Lenawee Transportation is Lenawee County’s public transportation system offering transit service to most areas in Lenawee County.

  8. Local Resources

    Access resources and services available on a local, county, and statewide level.

  9. Recycling Center

    Learn more about Lenawee County's Rural Recycling Program, as well as other recycling opportunities.